Saturday, February 14, 2009

A naked American man just stole my baloons

Last night, for the anniversary of our first kiss (when you're together for 9 years before getting married, the wedding anniversary doesn't mean quite so much), Sweet Enemy and I bought a good local pizza and watched An American Werewolf in London. It's both on our top ten list of films, and it's been a favorite of mine since the late eighties.

Re-watching it, I was happy that it held up. Not just the effects (which are still astounding), but the whole film. It really is one of the best overall horror films. It's got just the right amount of comedy to keep it from being relentless (like most modern works); it's got just enough romance to give the character's shape and drive; and it's also still pretty darn gross (while maintaining the comedy, go fig). The ending is also one of the more delicious film endings. SE pointed out that it seemed to be an early film that really used popular (though not contemporary) music effectively within the film.

So, overall, what we have is a good, say orchestration, of a film. No one element stands out to overtake the film and the cast is a real ensemble. This allows it to work on more than one level and creates a subtly complex, yet elegantly simple film. A lot of artspeak for a horror movie, you say? You're probably right. However, so am I.

If you're interested, Amazon is getting rid of their stock of combo HD-DVD/DVDs for $5 each (that's how we got this). It's got a pretty good amount of extras for a 28 year old film, too.

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TF said...

It's because of this great film that I gladly listen to 'Bad Moon Rising' every single time it comes up on my iPod shuffle mode, and that I scream 'JESUS CHRIST! I'M BURNING UP!' whenever I hear 'Blue Moon'.

I'm sorry I called you a meatloaf, Jack.

ladybug said...

Yea, that's a good movie. Two that I loved that didn't hold up quite as well were "Diva" (just seems a little over the top now...) and Meatballs (it's just a little gross or juvenile..).

Still love Harold & Maude (saw it 1st on TV!)..and the 1st Star Wars, which I did see live in the movie theater (I was 10 or 11..). Still have not seen the second 3 movies...

Arkonbey said...


for some stupid reason, my high school yearbook quote was the meatloaf quote. I was such a nerd.

LB: Meatballs didn't hold up, but Caddyshack does. H&M is one of Sweet Enemy's fave films, too. Avoid all Star Wars made after 1980 ;)

Dean Wormer said...

That was the first R rated movie I saw as a kid.

My friends and I told my parents we were going to see "St. Helens: The Movie" and snuck into Werewolf instead.

I was terrified. I literally spent the entire film on the edge of my seat gripping the cushion.

What a great film and a great anniversary tradition.