Saturday, February 14, 2009

Emergeny post: Buy this album!

Thanks to, I turned onto a song buy a band called Artichoke. I sent them a check and in the mail today, two day's shy of Darwin's birthday, was said album. Why is Darwin's birthday important to an album?

The album is called:

26 Scientists: Anning to Malthus

And it rules. The link has a sample of the song of Mary Anning, the Englishwoman who was the first woman paleontologist.

I'd really like to post an MP3 of the Darwin song, but I feel weird about piracy. So much, that I bought two, so I could give one as a gift (rather than ripping/burning). Also, Vol. 2 is on the way! Joy!

So, if you like indie music and you like science, get this.

Listening to while posting: Darwin, Charles Robert (1809-1882). For the third time tonight.


TF said...

Oh man oh man!
I also love the Galileo one!

great stuff, thanks for letting us know, man!

ladybug said...

Ok, I need help...I clicked on the links..but found no songs, (lots of cool pics though). Any direct links to snippets of the songs you mention?

Arkonbey said...

On the page I linked, at the top is a little 'play' icon with a speaker next to it; that's the Mary Anning song.

try this and CTRL+F for 'scientists' and you'll get samples and lyrics!

Dean Wormer said...

I like it. There should be more science/ rock crossover.