Tuesday, June 22, 2010

art: Hmmmmm

Here's the thing I've been working after the last Page One Hundred. What it is obvious. I don't really think it'd make a good Battlestar Galactica-type re-imagining, of course, but it's fun to imagine.

Color and I have never been friends, even in school. My teachers said I used color 'emotionally' rather than compositionally. I also use too much local color, which is why I often lean towards cel shading rather than do some painting. I'm not entirely happy with it. It's not bad, but not what was in my head. That's the most frustrating part. I can see what I want, but it gets lost in translation. I do like my re-design of the Swinetrek (renamed the Sus Initeris) and I think Lt. Piggy's face comes close to what I wanted coloring-wise.

Things I learned:

- The brush pen is coming along, I think. I'm pretty happy with it.

- taking photos of subjects really helps with figure drawing.

- My drapery is coming along. I found that my guesses were pretty close to what was photographed. Though, I went with what was photographed.

- I'm slowly getting the difference between shape-defining shadows and cast shadows.

I may shoot the original to Sweet Enemy and see if she wants to paint it for fun. Also, this is the first real application of a typeface I made back in '03, dubbed "Spacegirl".

As far as the contest goes, only Rambler and Rambler's Kin have actually said they wanted in. C'mon. I'm not the best, but you can't beat the price! If you want in, just type 'contest' in your comment.

Listening to while posting: "Kissed Me" by the Dresden Dolls


samax said...


coloring emotionally is a good thing! go with that!

Nydia said...

I have already commented about the contest, but just to be sure... Here I am again!