Monday, June 14, 2010

older art

Back this winter, I offered free ink commissions for the first five people to comment and ask. Four of five were taken. One went to Snab, one went to a Famous Artist Whom I Admire, one went to an old art school buddy King Ben (which I still have to deliver, btw), and one went to Rambler.

Snab's commission was the hardest and took the longest, Famous' was the most daunting, King Ben's was the most specific and Rambler's request was the most vague:

" about something involving tea, yoga, and either a carnival mask, an avocado tree, or a camp/bonfire? Extra points if you can fit in a veiled reference to LotR

How about that?

Well, Rambler's kindly lent the piece back to me to scan for all of you:

I only got the tea, yoga and the campfire, and the LotR refrences aren't in the least veiled, there are two of them.

Also, the Page One Hundred Contest is still going on. Did I mention that shipping is free? What do I have to do to get some comments, post art nearly every single day this past week?

of course, I could post a Green Lantern-A-Day like Rawls (go back and look at his Hulk Month, too)

listening to while posting: "Waking up is hard to do" by +/- (good band, bad name for search engines)


Sweet Enemy said...

I think you should do a ____-a-day drawing. It certainly would be fun to see what you come up with. How about using the same template you made for me when I did creature-a-day?

Rambler said...

Love, love, love this piece. *much gratitude* You nailed it, despite my vagueness. :)

Rambler's Kin said...

This piece is fabulous! Despite my blood proximity to Rambler, have yet to see it in the flesh. Will link to your blog on FB, so others can have a chance to win your work, despite coveting it myself...

Arjan said...

Really great drawing...time has been short the last couple of weeks..and will be this week..after that..2 weeks of @home-freedom! Where I'll spam you as hard as I can :)

*btw..does anyone else have the problem with having to fill in your password twice before blogger accepts it? It's downright annoying.

Don Snabulus said...

I likey!

@Arjan - Blogger does something weird to me each time I use it. The should call it Quirker.

ladybug said...

Sorry I have not stopped by lately. I do like to see what you've been up to! I really like that LOTR one... Gotta get back to this workin' business..

Arkonbey said...

@SE: I'll make a poll to decide what my -a-day will be. How's about that?
@Rambler: I'm wicked happy you like it.
@RamblerK: What? She's your baby sister, beat her up until she shows it to you!
@Arjan: vacation? Sweet!
@Snab: Goody
@LB: missed you around the old blog. Glad you like it (and work sucks, but it's better than hospital, eh?)