Wednesday, June 23, 2010

more pigs

They've got me doing some light developing at work in addition to design. The developing app is notoriously slow opening, slow synchronizing with the main repository and slow starting the local server. More than enough time to draw something.

After finishing the Pigs In Space comic cover, I had pigs on the brain. Working out the snout in different expressions and angles, while still keeping it slightly muppety was the task here. I neglected the hair and ears to concentrate on the faces. Some work, some don't, but that's just the way of things

Captain Lincoln "Link" Hogward (renamed from 'Hogthrob', hey, if they can do it for Apollo)

Lt. Piggy Lee (she was 'first mate' in the show, but that's just silly)

All I know is, if they ever do a re-imagining of Pigs In Space, I'm ready...

As far as the Page One Hundred contest goes. If I get no other entires, I'll be flipping a coin at 8pm EST to decide between Rambler and Rambler's Kin.

listening to while posting: "Playground Love" by Air


V said...

contest? contest. I'm Rambler's personal photographer (when she's in Ireland anyway).

Nydia said...

I just left my comment on uyour contest, I hope it's still valid! :oP

Now I'll see all of your art pages.

Kisses from Nydia.