Saturday, January 22, 2011


So, yesterday's Animal failed. I was having an awful day and couldn't bring myself to draw. It sucked (for the record, I'm going a bit potty being alone at home looking for work, teaching myself PHP and talking to people via Facebook. I was going through meatspace contact addiction).

ANNNNYway. I did up a set of fake frames for the story that AndreZero and I are working on for Obscure Tales issue 8. The first frame is the cockpit of the Stellar PrincessStarliner seen earlier. I just wanted to do a cockpit and some aliens. The second frame is the main character of the story, a stewardess on board the Deneb Princess. The frames are a test of the style I may use for the comic and a test of the stewardess look.

That's all. It helped me out of my doldrums and I MAY do two animals tonight to make up for the lack yesterday.


listening to while posting: The annual Joke Show on Prairie Home Companion (The only PHC I can take anymore)

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Don Snabulus said...

Destroy the doldrums! I am glad you moved past them.