Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Animal Week 2011 # 3: Seals

Arjan chose #5 in his comments. The fifth animal in the book is the seal and DANG that was hard. I won't claim complete failure, but it was nowhere near a success. Today's animal has two because I didn't like the first one and tried another.

It was a lot of time invested int these two little drawings. The initial drawing of the basic shapes went well and I was happy. I'll tell you, though, rendering a mottled, gradiated, subtly shaded and wet furred animal in murky water is difficult (for me at least). The white whiskers were also a pain. That's what I get for letting a Netherlander choose an animal for me ;)

Listening to while posting: "Never Gonna Happen" by Lily Allen

1 comment:

Arjan said...

I really like the first one quite well though! I'd call that a success.

You can always blame yourself for putting Seal on #5 :P