Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Animal Week 2011 # 2: The Zebra

So, today's drawing is brought to you by Sweet Enemy. She picked it and I'm not sure why. Perhaps because it was really hard. After completing this, I now know why there aren't a great deal of zebra, or zebra-based creatures in comic books. MAN, I'd hate to have to replicate a stripe pattern in panel after panel. So, if you are missing the zebra or zebra-based characters in my work, now you know why. The cool thing about the book I'm using is that when they put eighteen zebras next to each other, you can really see how individual and exquisite the stripe patterns are.

I'm re-learning how to place something in the page when drawing form life or a photo. Our old drawing teacher at MECA, Al Gardener, would joke about students starting on the left and then having to cram the rest of the figure into the right hand side of the page.

With very little more ado, here is a zebra:

Listening to while posting: "La Cosa Mas Chunga" by Modaji on Secret Agent Radio on Soma FM


Rambler said...

Love it. I'm familiar with horses, not zebras, but the texture of his nose and line of his jaw just made me want to reach out and pet his cheek.

PS recently learned about a zebra-donkey hybrid called a zonkey. lol

Don Snabulus said...

Nice one.