Saturday, January 1, 2011

production design

So, as I said last post, I've been inspired by Jake Parker and his fun Missile Mouse comic. For an upcoming project (guess what), I needed to make a spaceliner. Unlike the inestimable Mr. Parker, I haven't kept up with my spacecraft creation that filled my time in high school, so I had to start small. I started sketching based on a swan-styled spaceliner by the great sci-fi artist Angus McKie (dubbed the Interstellar Queen when it was featured in the great 70s sci-fi book Spacecraft 2000 to 2100AD).

The Interstellar Queen was a huge, long-range liner, but I needed a small medium-range passenger ship. So, rather than being swan-like, I went for a bit more duck-like. I also opted for a smoother, more aerodynamic profile as this would be an atmospheric as well as a spacecraft.

Mr. Parker also creates great cutaways of his great spacecraft. I thought about doing a full schematic, but after painting twenty little seats for a 1/72 plastic model of a Faiery Rotodyne VTOL passenger plane, I couldn't bring myself to draw dozens of identical seats just now. I'll absolutely have to figure out a floor plan later, but for now you will have to make due with a profile:

About the book I mentioned. If you like old-school sci-fi art, pick this book up. ABE Books has some and they start at US$10. WARNING: there is a newer version of the book published a few years ago. DO NOT BUY IT. Instead of the original artwork, the new book features CG rendering of the originals; a pointless and rather insulting thing to do. Compare their version of the Interstellar Queen with McKie's original

The other great one in the series is Spacewrech a great crammed full of really great art. These are also on ABE Books, but only a little more expensive

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Arjan said...

looks like a cool mashup between the Thunderbirds #2 and the Darkwing duck flyer.

Don Snabulus said...

"Meet me for drinks later in the Observation Lounge."

Rebooting the art is a pretty wacky thing to do (unless you are Andy Warhol). The person who rendered it lost some soul points.

I hope Moody and Swinebread happen by here...they would both enjoy this post. Moody is a decent illustrator of Space ephemera in his own right.

Arkonbey said...

@arjan: Ha! and TB2 is one of the coolest sci-fi ships ever

@Snab: You're on .The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters are on me!

And it'd be nice to hear from them. Haven't heard from Swinebread in quite a while...