Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my plan is underway

My plan to eventually turn my little niece into a mountain biker! Muahahahaha!

I half-joke. I bought her a Strider running bike back in October and now she's finally using it. She's as cute as a two-year-old usually is.

Riding my bike from Jessica Flanders on Vimeo.

In all seriousness, even if she were my daughter, I wouldn't push her. It'd be fun, though. It'd give her an excuse to visit.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Now he tells me?

In his comments to the previous post, Dean Wormer said that books and magazines were okay, but that comics don't belong in the bathroom.


I literally just checked and removed from the 'littlest room' the following items:

Flight volumes 3,4, and 5; Flight Explorer, PS238 #18 and #38, and Asterix the Legionary

Thanks, Dean! We averted a disaster there.

listening to while posting: "Cyborg Control" by Man, or Astroman?

Monday, May 4, 2009

small story

Got back from a good ride and asked Sweet Enemy if there was any mail for me. She mentioned the Discover bill and the bill for hosting Obscurius. When I grumbled at the not-goodness of the mail, she went "oh! There's this!" and handed me this month's Bike Magazine (which, believe it or not, she reads even though I can't get her to ride with me).

As I headed downstairs to change, she handed me the magazine.

"Don't forget to put this in the bathroom, for perusal later."

I gave her a mock-incredulous look.

"Well, you know that's where it goes!" she replied as she turned away

listening to while posting: "Bagman's Dilemma" by the Decemberists