Monday, February 15, 2010

random art and real life problems

Sorry, but Death of a Friend will be later than I want. I pencilled up the next two pages, but then dealing with our very ill cat took precedence.

She's sort of okay. Her hyperthyroidism is acting up and she may be going blind. It's heartbreaking to watch her pace around as though she's looking for something. She hugs the walls and almost bumps into everything. Word to the wise: If your animal is on meds for a condition and the vet has you giving him/her a pill or med-infused treat, unless your vet tells you DO NOT crumble the treat into the animal's food. Unless that animal is going to scarf up the entire portion, it won't get the recommended dosage and my have a relapse. Like ours did. I feel pretty darn guilty.


Here's a sketch I found while cleaning the house today. It's from a few weeks ago and shows my rendition of a Martian from the Rocco Vargas universe created by my favorite artist Danial Torres. Now, the way that Torres portrays Martians may, at first glance, to seem a bit of a 'minstrel show' look at race. But, I don't think he intended it as racist. He only has a few non-whites in his works, but his universe was intentionally the lily-white 1930's Buck Rogers-style 'future' (the stories take place in 1983 and he wrote them in 1987, get it?). The hero is absurdly masculine with a gigantic chest and lantern jaw, women swoon except for the kick-butt Asian warlord-girl. The most prominent Martian is Samson, Rocco Vargas' servant/valet/sidekick/best friend and their relationship is tighter than worker/boss.

However, it's always easy for us whites to say, "oh, it's all in fun", but I think this is all in fun, or at least tongue in cheek and is neither racist nor misogynist. Have any of you read any Rocco Vargas graphic novels? What do you think.

Anyway, here's the sketches of a Martian girl. I changed the nose to look a bit more alien:

I also remembered that I did an Illustration Friday piece with a Torres Martian girl back in '07. It's here.

listening to while posting: my poor cat stumbling around the room.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update compromise

Ok, guys.

I have an idea. I'll post the updates to Death of a Friend incrementally.

However, I will recommend that you wait until I post the final update. If you want to check, by all means, check, and I really hope you like it. But don't blame me if you find the emotional impact is lessened.

I must also ask you, if you comment, don't be a-spoilin'. 'Kay?

Here's the update

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here's the most recent iteration of the potential collaboration with Sweet Enemy. Some things are working, but some aren't. I'm not entirely happy with with the woman's forward foot and may change it. Her expression has been proving elusive. Most of the time, when trying to get her to be looking down with an affectionate smile, she ends up looking as though she is smiling in that way that people do when they'd rather be somewhere else. I've been re-working the page so much I think it's time to pull out the tracing paper.

I'm also not sure of what to call it now. I thought of a student and teacher, but SE wanted their relationship to be more ambiguous. What do you guys think?

The next two pages of DoaF are ready to go, BUT, I'm debating whether to wait and post the last ten pages all in one go as it's going to be a page-turner. What do you, my loyal readers, want?

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