Tuesday, November 27, 2012


On a sort of dare from Sweet Enemy, I did what is my first pencil picture in years. The pencil part wasn't the dare, I decided to do that on my own to challenge myself. As you can see, I'm still very tentative with the medium.

The subject matter was the dare. We had walked down to our neighbor's field while the turkey was cooking on Thursday and noticed the big mama goat. She's big and has horns with drilled golf balls stuck on the end of her horns (to protect folks form accidental and intentional impalement, we've been told). I suggested that SE draw a Queen Goat. She shot back that I should do my own. So I did.

I started searching through my old freshman year art history books looking for a clothing reference. I found a pic of a young Elizabeth I as a princess and liked it enough to use it as a reference.

I thought I'd give my goat princess a bit more of a personality and tried for a sly, knowing look. I also gave her a different name.

Here's Alexandra II as a Princess:

I may do an inked version. But, first I must draw some space pirates for this week's Happy Little Art Challenge!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's BBWW time again!

My computer was in the shop for a week (A WEEK! long story...) getting a new HD put in. This caused three things to happen. Firstly, I missed being connected more than I thought; not as much of a Luddite as suspected.

Secondly, made me realize that I am craving new music. My MP3 player was full of new stuff when I dropped off my machine but after a week of no somaFM or Pandora, I was going a bit batty. At least I'm not going to be one of those guys whose musical tastes stop evolving.

Thirdly, it gave me lots of time to draw! I'll try to keep this up. Make sure to click on the drawings for full hugeness

First up is this month's Big Beautiful Wonder Woman.

I've been wanting to do a lesbian kiss between BBWW and Power Girl for a while. I discovered that doing so was as hard as I'd feared. Also, decided not to cop out on the hair as in the past. Spent a day just practicing hair. Sheesh.

Here's the first attempt. BBWW's face is pretty good but PG's isn't the best. It took a long time to get it this good. PG is a bit large in this but maybe it's BBWW as portrayed by Marissa Jaret Winokur

The second attempt has PG's face as better than BBWW's. her face was soooo good in my sketch for this piece but I couldn't translated it for some reason. PG is also more like Power College Girl compared to BBWW but, I sort of like it that way. Who's seducing whom? BBWW's hair isn't as good in this piece as in the first.

And to show how much I've been drawing a lot this past week, here's a hand-colored comic!

Up here in Vermont we've got the Center for Cartoon Studies, a college that teaches how to create comics. Since I've been making comics since '07, I've always wanted to attend.

Our great local weekly paper has been printing works by students from the CCS and I've found myself to be singularly un-impressesed. Almost without exception I find the works printed in the paper to be trite, sophomoric, poorly drawn, poorly laid out and poorly written. If these are works that represent the CCS, I'm glad I never applied. I do better stuff on 24 Hour Comics Day.

Anyhoo. I made this work in a week and plan on submitting it to the paper, just to see. I tried to keep it simple, PG and accessible. What do you think? Is it trite, sophomoric, poorly drawn, poorly laid out and poorly written? Am I just an arrogant ass? Let me know!

And here's a small sketch. I was just playing around with a figure that's slightly cartoony but a bit realistic. Oh, and baby goats are the cutest thing ever. Even more so than ducklings or kittens. However, it would likely hurt to have a baby goat climb on your head.

That's all for now! Time to go draw some more!

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