Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wow. It has been a while and no joke!

Busy busy busy. That's been this summer. Good busy but, too busy to post. I won't post a huge update but will keep it short so that I can start again in earnest.

Here's the summer:

Chickens. We've got chickens. A friend gave us ten(!) and another friend gave and delivered to us a homebuilt coop made as well as some houses. One chicken was taken by a fox in broad daylight two meters from the house. A second was taken by a raccoon that was as resourceful as a cartoon raccoon and snuck into the coop through a gap in our security. No chicken drawings yet.

Work. News flash: bike shops are busy in the summer. Great shop, great co-workers, so things are good. Got some riding in. The fifteen mile commute is fun on the road bike and many off-road rides in the morning have kept me sane and fit. My new love is a Trek Superfly Al 29'er. It's the shop demo bike, rigged 1 x 10 (11-36!), it's got a Fox fork, Avid Elixer 9 brakes and a pair of Racing Ralphs. I was a 29'er hater but now... I'm saving my pennies. Here's a pic of me riding the Superfly that I did for a new art challenge site started by the estimable Becca.

I’ve been ribbed a bit for my skinniness so I tried to exaggerate it a bit. People sometimes wonder how my little spider arms actually work. They don’t make fun of my legs, though; at least I can’t hear them as they’re too far behind. According to recent photographic evidence, that’s the expression I most often use while descending…

I'm trying to organize 24 Hour Comics Day again this year. This time in conjunction with the Winooski Vermont Welcome center. It's a bigger, more centrally-located venue. We'll see. Here's the poster:

Other art. I've been doing some more BBWWs! Still have to get September's done but here's the ones for the year to date. They've all got stories behind them but, I'm too lazy to write them all down for you.





Whew. I've done some other stuff but, now I'm tired. Since bike shop work is winding down, I'll be drawing and posting more. See you in the funny papers!

Listening to while posting: "The Fear" by Lily Allen