Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's Twenty-Four Hour Comics Day time again and time for a new poster. Sweet Enemy and I let this creep up on us, so this one was a bit rushed. It was decided that this was B/W only. Ah well, It's not too bad. Typography by me, illustrations by Sweet Enemy:

It's also time for our third annual Horror Movie Mini-Fest. When we were house hunting in July '07, I decided, for some reason, that we should have our house before that Halloween and then we'd have a Halloween horror movie party. You know what? We did!

The first year was nearly a disaster with a broken DVD player (luckily, my buddy Kick Enemy Men had just that morning bought a new powerbook, so we fired it up and all sat on the floor watching the computer. The second year was a bit better with a pretty good crowd, including a 1.5 year old girl who sat on the coffee table facing us with The Evil Dead 2 playing behind her.

Here's this year's poster. Let me know if you're coming over.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Other People's Art

Lee, on the others side of the world at Quit Your Day Job has been cranking out some really nice super hero and comic-based artwork for a while now. I think he only got back into it fairly recently, but his work is really nice and seems to be getting better with each post.

A while back he did a three-part series called Coffee and Capes featuring home-made super heroes and their coffee drinks of choice. One of them caught my imagination and I asked Lee if I could draw my own vision of it (this is what I'm good at. If I see a good idea, I like to try to go off on it. Not so much stealing as... hunting and gathering).

He gave me permission and I went for it. I emailed it to him to see what he thought and ask permission to post it (it was his idea, after all). He liked it, so here it is:

So, go check out Lee's words and pictures.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

short post

If anyone cares, I've updated my scale modeling blog with a large-ish post about a scratchbuilt sci-fi thing I'm working on.

That is all.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obscure Tales Update

Obscure Tales 06: Death of a Friend has updated !


These pages were a sort of pain. A decent amount of work went into them but while they felt like the pencilled well and inked well, when I finally scanned and colored them, they disappointed me. Mostly because Missile Mouse was going through my head while I drew them and when I was done I was rather shocked to see it looked nothing like Missle Mouse.To be sure, I planned on this comic using flat colors, but something is missing. I wanted to scrap the whole thing and do it again.

However, I made a promise to myself to look back and learn, but to never re-work a page to death. So... Until I get to a place where I'm happy, the show goes on and I can only hope to improve as I go. The main thing is I think I'm rushing. I'll try to remedy that.

DoaF is really fun to do, though. I'm learning a great deal, especially about the interactions of different characters in space and wordless storytelling (curse you and your story experiments, AndreZero!).

To lighten the mood, I'll share a little known fact about Arkonbey. When he is slightly frustrated (for instance, if he gets everything out to the car in the morning, but then realizes he's forgotten his car key in the house and has to go back in), he will say the phrase: "Ah, Bugf--ker!". Try it yourself! It's a rather satisfying expletive for light to moderate use.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sweet Enemy Rules!

Here's another example of why my wife is awesome. It's also an example of why I 'hate' her. You see her creativity knows very few bounds while mine... does know bounds. My birthday was recent and she made me this card.



Sure, you might say, it's a nice card, but what's so darn special about it? You can't see in in the previous image, but check it out: it's a dang pop-up card! Woot!

On the evening of my birthday, SE had gone to bed just before me. A little while later, I walked into our bedroom to find these two:

Awww. Both completely asleep. I got three shots and neither of them moved.

She's also got an Etsy store. I hasn't got anything in it yet, but keep looking!

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