Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gitter Dragons Comeback!

The Glitter Dragons are back! Well, at least for this one drawing. I've been meaning to re-visit the GDs for a while but, not sure what to do. I thought of commissioning a friend for a theme song for the not-yet-existent Glitter Dragons cartoon and then doing a bunch of character studies.

Instead, here's a quick (three hour) re-imagining of one of my favorite albums as a Glitter Dragons album.

I might do another but, we'll see. I do like the Glitter Dragons. I like that I've created some characters that are cute but, also have the potential for complex personalities. I think...

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Super Nerd-fest Mash-up time!

The challenge for this week's Happy Little Art Challenge was "something from TV". Sure, there was lots I could do but, because I'm me, I had to get super nerdy. A Babylong 5/Doctor Who mash-up? But, of course!

This was relatively ambitious, being a crowd scene that included some likeness/caricatures. There are some nice moments but, the final work doesn't live up to the sketch. Something was lost in the tracing. But, trace I must as lots of erasing goes into the sketch.

The piece was hand drawn and inked with Pigma Micros. Digitally colored. I went with minimal color and tried to get an old-school comics feel, not just with the half-tone but with the color choices. Too many modern comics color all the way to the far background and things get muddled. In the olden days (like the 90s), they’d use color more compositionally to give focus to certain areas.

Click on 'em to see 'em full-size, please. Much better.

The final sketch:

The sketchbook doodle that started it all:

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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Two drawings in less than a week? I am on FIRE!

Anyhoo. This was for the Happy Little Art Challenge. The current theme was "Pirates" and I jumped at this.

I may have rushed it a little bit but, I was trying for firsties and, unfortunately, failed.

Rather than a regular pirate, I thought I’d do a space pirate. If you add “space” to almost anything it automatically becomes cooler. Try it!
I had grandiose plans of a group of pirates on the outside hull of a ship with their pirate corvette (the type of ship, not the type of car) floating behind them. Instead, I ended up with a pirate girl. I was going to do a pirate queen but, the face was a bit crazy so she’s just a regular pirate girl. Or, rather a space pirate girl; see how much cooler that sounds.

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