Monday, March 30, 2015

The Aeronautical Hatred Continues!

More Planes Jme Hates!

It's the Boeing P-26 Peashooter. A plane that was cutting edge for all of eight seconds. Introduced in 1932 it was America's first all-metal low-wing monoplane. This was an innovation but, it also had throwbacks like an open cockpit, fixed landing gear and an armament of only two .30 machine guns. By 1935, it was already completely outclassed by the BF-109 and the Hawker Hurricane. These are reasons enough for Jme to hate it but, I believe he also hates fixed landing gear with spats. Me, I like the spats as well as the fact that these planes were wonderfully colorful!

It's the Fairey Gannet. Another Cold War-era plane. It's is a Bristish Anti-Submarine Aircraft that served in a couple of other naval air wings including the German navy. It featured counter-rotating propellers and three-piece folding wings. I also really like this so-ugly-it's-beautiful plane. I don't know why Jme hates it, I only know that when I showed him a photo of one he said: "Uck!"

This is a reach. I think I may be running out of planes he hates! Here's a shot in the dark. The Ling-Temco-Vought Corsair II. I'm wondering if he'd hate that kind of nose intake.

It's nearly a gimmie, what with the delta wing and all but, I'll bet this makes him go "uck!". The Saab J35 Draken ("Kite" or "Dragon"). I think it's cool looking, like something out of a Gerry Anderson TV show! Turns out I was wrong about this one. He likes it despite himself.

Coming next: Planes Jme Likes!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Aviation Art to Annoy!

My friend Jme and I are aviation buffs. He and I differ on what makes a cool plane; most of the ones I love, he hates. So, I'm doing a series of Planes Jme Hates!

Here's the first:

Jme does not like delta wings! So here's a plane with 'delta' in its actual name: F-106 Delta Dart.
What's also not to like is the plane was so radar intercept-oriented that the frame of the windscreen was directly in the center, blocking the pilot's vision for dogfights (this was another bomber interceptor).

This is the first ink shading in a while. The need for practice is obvious. Happy about the perspective and the solidity of the form. Should have also taken more time with the lettering though.

Next up is the English Electric Lightning F.5. It's a Cold War jet could be called the "British F-104". Though it had cannon, this was another missile-oriented bomber interceptor.

What would Jme hate? Well, the nose intake leads to two engines mounted one on top of the other. Also, it's got stupid, tiny wings that can't hold ordnance. He'll also hate, once he knows, that the wing is called a "Notched Delta"; tiny AND delta-based that's a two-fer!

Until next time!

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