Sunday, January 31, 2010

procrastination... of a sort

I've finished two of the four free ink commissions. One is sent out, the other is waiting on another unrelated object to become available to send to the commissioner. The other two commissions are really hard, so I'm procrastinating. I've pencilled one (and had an inking failure) and sketched a bunch of thumbnails for the other, but still they are not done. I haven't forgotten them, I'm just... a wuss.

I've been procrastinating by doing other art, though.

I've pencilled, inked and half-colored the next two pages of Death of a Friend. It's getting heavy, now with only ten pages left to go!

I've also been trying to collaborate with Sweet Enemy. She and I have tried collaborating a couple of times, but we have differing styles as well as differing talents (she kicks my butt, in other words). She's doing an acrylic underpainting demo for the store she assistant-manages and we thought that I could flesh out a sketch I had lying around for her to use (and eventually make into a painting). I did the original sketch back in December while having a coffee and a muffin at a great local deli.

Tonight, I began working out a larger, tighter version. Here it is in progress; it's on 11" x 15" "green bar" paper*.

I've been doing research and am still deciding on the hair and dress for the teacher. It's going to be a 50s thing, btw.

In other news, the inestimable Becca gave me (and six other creative bloggers) an award!. I have to pass it on to seven others and will do that before the end of the week. Probably when I post the update for DoaF.


Listening to while posting: "Young, Thomas (1773-1829)" by Artichoke from '26 Scientists Volume 2: Newton to Zeno'

* Green bar paper was the most awesome thing of having a dad who was a computer developer back in the '70s and '80s. They would print REAMS of this stuff during compiling and dad would bring it home to draw on. It was cheap as free and most of my art until high school was done on green bar paper. I scored (somewhere) a big box of blank green bar paper and have been using it for the initial work on drawings and Obscure Tales pages (before tracing onto Bristol) for the past two years. I hope I find another box before it runs out...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

no art today

First, Last night, Sweet Enemy, AndreZero and ScienceGirl went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Here's my Three Sentence Review:

  1. It was gritty and naturalistic and only a little steampunk with a single, small nod to future/anachronistic technology

  2. Most of the film was a Guy Ritchie Film, with the cool camerawork and asides that you'd come to expect, but some parts of it looked as though they were done by Standard Film Director #17

  3. I thought that Robert Downey Jr's portrayal of Holmes was more like A.C.D's character than was that of Jeremy Brett

I have been making art, but it's for the free commissions and I won't post an image of a commission until the commissioner receives it and gives me permission to post it. I've also been working on Death of a Friend and doing up some fanart for a little-visited Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane fan blog. Both the commissions and the fanart have forced me to push my abilities rather past my current talent. One of the commissions I had to do four versions in four styles before it turned out how I wanted it to be (read: not sucky). I'll post a link to the Rahne fanart when it's posted, post commissions if I get permission to do so and post the update to DoaF when it's done (we're getting near the end and, if you ask me, AndreZero has done a great story)

Listening to while posting: "Handlebars" by Flobots