Sunday, March 3, 2013


Holy crap! Color!

 I had a dream back on February 17th about this swordswoman. It was a short dream but, pretty cool. She'd just fended off a group of men, then (and this is a bit weird) set up a wooden drying rack, hopped up on it and said the line. It was all very cool and cinematic.

I worked out a sketch ( I changed the rack to a crate but, the pose is the same as the dream), ink-lined it and it turned out pretty good! I then proceeded to over ink it with odd shadows and stuff that I didn't like.

Today, I grabbed some watercolors from Sweet Enemy and decided to try to paint. I haven't done a watercolor in at least five years. It turned out better than I thought and I may re-visit the whole ink-and-watercolor thing. In the dream, her outfit was more of a coffee with cream color but, I fell in love with Mars Violet and decided to use it. (Click to amplify!)

 I just now decided her name is Meridian Delacorte.

Listening to while posting: Tom McShane "A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea"