Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Beast: Updated

The Beast at 10,000 Feet

Updated page: 24

This is a small update; just one page. I did have to do some shuffling in the overall layout (due to critique by Sweet Enemy). I finished the rough layouts to the end and it's going to be thirty-one pages.

Each page is like a cliffhanger. Is that bothering anybody? I feel that I've been laying it out to be read only on the web and not in a book format. I wonder if that's bad or not.

To make up for the small update, here's a present: the only song I know of that is about Aquaman. It's sort of like "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" only with Aquaman and Batman. Check it.

Listening to while posting: "it's the love" by The Breeders


Hypatia said...

A Cliffhanger for every page? Man oh man! This is pretty good...can't give you any professional type advice, but as just a reader-me likey!

Don Snabulus said...

Re: Cliffhangers. It plays GREAT on the web. As for the standard comic book size, I think it would look like an intense fight even over the course of a page. No worries.

That was a groovy song. I like Sweet Enemy's art too. Good page there.

Dean Wormer said...

Not looking good for our heroes.

Or is the monster our hero?