Monday, April 14, 2008

Unamed comic update

unnamed comic

Pages added: 13 - 16 new

Tired. So tired.

And more broke.

I feel ill. I've been working like a dog on this and I hope the results are worth it. I'm nowhere near making the deadline. I just finished roughing out the last pages and the total is twenty five. I am now behind my schedule of two pages inked and posted a day, and even if I were on schedule, I wouldn't make it by Friday. I'm going to post a link to what I've got and then finish this thing.

I won't keep the same pace, but I'll move fast so that the styles don't change after page 16.

Just a warning, if you care, some of the new pages are labeled GR for the grossest thing I've drawn since high school. I shouldn't feel weird about that, but I do for some reason.

Ah, well.

listening to while posting: "Born Again" by Badly Drawn Boy


Don Snabulus said...

Do what you got to do. It is a great story and an ambitious project. Keep us posted!

Arkonbey said...


I'll reiterate: This is thing is going to be finished. I've invested too much time. I just hope you guys like it :)

Doctor Smoke said...

it's coming along great! love the snapping off arm bit and the holding hands scene.
great stuff.

hope you're feeling better.

ladybug said...

I hear yea, bummer about the scanner snafu...I hope you will get well soon.

It's gettin' scary!

Dean Wormer said...

That is awesome. Personally I love werewolves, but it this guy is another critter all the better.