Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unamed comic update:now with Title ™

So, the Unamed Comic is not just updated , it has a tilte!

First, let me rectify a great wrong. When I was trying to write the script for this thing, I was having a hell of time with the ending. I had trouble reconciling the altruism of the main character with her desire to stay alive. Desperate, I turned to good (and sadly neglected by me) friend Rambler. As a novelist looking for a publisher and (former fellow bookstore employee), I thought that she could help me with my problem.

She denies offering much help, but I will beg to differ. She was a great sounding board and the ideas bounced back and forth until the ending emerged. In the way of a good teacher, it looked (and felt slightly) as thought I'd come up with the idea all on my own, but I could not have done it without her. She also claimed to be 'riveted' by my long semi-script of the ending, so I better do it right.

So, the title! Today I went to the store where she works to pick up a boxed set of Narnia that Sweet Enemy ordered and mentioned the story still had not title. I first mentioned AndreZero's idea of "The Devil's Breakfast". She agreed it was a great phrase, but it didn't really fit the story (except in a post-modern sort of way). I then mentioned the title I'd had in my head that was, to me cheesy; a mix of titles form a 50's monster movie and a Twilight Zone episode: "The Beast at 20,000 ft". When I mentioned this, her fact actually lit up and she said she loved it. So, on her advice, that is the name, though the actual altitude is changed to reflect the average cruising height of a DeHaviland Twin Otter. I give you:

The Beast at 10,000 Feet

Thanks, Rambler!

As far as the comic goes, I've attempted a sort of graphic trick usually reserved for newspaper comics and I'm not sure it works. Let me know.
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Don Snabulus said...

If you are referring to the head swing, it worked just fine for me.

I am looking forward to more action!

ladybug said...

I like the name too..I think it fits.
Now that the scanner is back in action...can't wait to see even more!

Doctor Smoke said...

I like that name.
very B-movie-ish. I likes very much, yes?

Arkonbey said...

snab: I was referring to the head swing. I'm glad it works for you. I still think I could do it better

LB: More on the way!

Dr. S: Glad you like it, yes?