Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Unamed comic update: Now with MISTAKE (tm)

Unnamed Comic

New pages: 5 and 6.

Boy, did I screw up. I sketched two pages last night. Tonight I traced those two pages in blue pencil. Then I inked those two pages. Then I scanned those two pages. It wasn't until I brought them into Illustrator to typeset and panel them that I noticed my mistake.

Both pages were .5" too short.




If I didn't tell you, you wouldn't notice. I juggled the frames to fit the correct size, so there is no real image difference. What sucks is that in missing that, I lost a half-inch of artspace to work with.


What also sucks is I have NO time to go back and do it again. This whole project is forward motion, or stopping.

Listening to while posting: "Gates of Eden" by Bob Dylan


AndreZero said...

Looking good! I like the facial expressions in the last 2 panels. Really works well with the banter.

The first panel of page 6 confused me for a few seconds. I thought the plane on the ground was in flight and headed towards the plane that is landing! Maybe a shadow under it to show it's relationship to the ground? Now that I look closely, I can see it's pointed towards us so maybe it's just my perception that off.

I don't think you've asked for suggestions on the title but I'm giving you some anyway! Extradition of Evil
The Devil's Breakfast
To Serve Man (oh wait, that one's taken)

Arkonbey said...

Interesting, I had a problem with that panel, but a different problem. I thought the other plane looked like a reflection of the hero's plane.

I think the problem would be solved with a better drawing of the ground plane.

I, in face am soliciting title ideas. Extradition of Evil sounds good, but Queeg, in fact, not being extradited, just arrested.

And what the heck is Devil's Breakfast? It sounds cool, but how does it fit this story? Actually, it sounds like the title of a comic book in and of itself.

Don Snabulus said...

Sorry about the miscalc...hopefully if I don't notice the difference nobody else will.

It is fun watching this develop!