Sunday, March 6, 2011


I spent the the day drinking good coffee and drawing. I really mean I spent the day drawing. I started at 9:00 am EST with a tiny, incoherent thumbnail, sketched and sketched and finished inking it about 7:30 EST. I learned a lot. I learned how to work with a new nib. I learned my Pentel brush pen hack works pretty well. I learned that things in my head still look better than what they end up as on paper. The most important thing I learned is this:

I cannot do sexy. Not even slightly sexy. That bothers me. I like sexy, I appreciate sexy, I can definitely tell sexy from not-sexy. Unless, of course, I have to draw it. I think I can draw attractive women pretty well, but when it comes to making them sexy, I fail miserably. It's almost embarrassing, actually. I mean really embarrassing. Like a karaoke singer who really thinks they can sing.

So, in the hopes that someone will tell me what I can do to make this even slightly sexier, I'm posting it. The idea was to do a cheesy, silly, sexy pinup thing that might have appeared on a Heavy Metal magazine cover in the 80s. I think I got two out of three. So, here it is.

Technically, it's got some good points and I really learned a lot. But, please, if you know sexy, let me know how I can improve. Is it the composition? The style? The poses? The entire idea? Help!

Here it is as a cover, just for fun:

Listening to while posting: "Jinji" by Tomoyasu Hotei


Arjan said...

*types in Tomoyasu.. in his mediaplayer..ah yeah I thought I recognized it..Kill Bill I : battle without honor or humanity*

I think the woman's head is a bit to wide and the lines that should set of the mouth from the nose kinda make it moustache-like. I really like the rest of her though.

The werewolves look a bit too happy to be sexy.

Unknown said...

I think it is mostly the pose, secondly the lack of contrast with the background, that results in a lack of sexiness. The two creatures are much more sexy than the woman. The woman's pose is much to rigid and symmetrical. I think having her turned slightly, perhaps with a long slit in the skirt would be much sexier. An hour glass shape and cleavage is always sexy. More contrast with the background would also help highlight the woman. Just my thoughts, but what do I know.