Friday, July 10, 2015

New coloring book in progress!

I'm drawing a brand new coloring book right now! It's a challenge for me but, lots of fun, too.

Flying Pigs! A book of peculiar and pedestrian planes and their precocious porcine pilots!

Here we go!

And one I had to color myself to see if it would be fun. It was!

Listening to while posting: All of Toms Waits' "Small Change". Again...


Arjan said...

I just thought of you looking at your drawing of Robot Chicken which is still on proud display!!

How are you and your wife? Still drawing? Had a Pofferd lately?

greets from Groningen,

Arkonbey said...


We think of you every now and then and I feel bad for not responding. Shoot me an email if you would (I've changed computers and my contacts didn't like being transferred).

I still owe you a pic of Black Dynamite. I don't forget my obligations, I just forget to make time to fulfil them.

We've only had Pofferd a couple of times but, when we see the pan(pot? Mold?) we think about how awesome it was to receive. We found it just after Christmas and we'll be making some for our annual Anniversary Horror Movie Cocktail Party.

Greetings from Underhill (the one in Vermont, USA, not The Shire, Middle Earth)