Saturday, February 17, 2007


Man. This was a great topic. Vague enough to be interesting, but specific enough to inspire. I can't wait to see the variety of stuff on IF (I generally don't look until I post).

There were so many ideas to choose from. I had trouble deciding to define gravity as the attractive force or as dignity or sobriety of bearing. I decided on the attractive force. Here you'll find four characters of an incipient comic created by myself and Kick Enemy Men. We're waiting to finish the introduction story arc before beginning posting (rather than waiting for my skills to rival those of Alan Davis, which would take longer). All I'll tell you is that the characters are: Trik (bright yellow hair), Murray Lopez (small guy), Mickey Finley (beard) and Athena (african). This particular frame was done just for IF and has no bearing on the story as of now.

As to the mistake with the previous illustration. The HIFR port is on the starboard side of the aircraft below the main cabin door. In the illustration the nose of the aircraft is on the right of the frame. The helo is inverted, so the HIFR and main cabin door should not be visible; the side towards the viewer should just have the avionicsman's window. As I said, you have to know what to look for. Check it out here. As I look at it now, though, I should have had a bit of transparency at the waterline where the helo fades into the water. Ah, well.


studio lolo said...

Wonderful feeling of lightness here! Great illo!

Michelle Lana said...

great illo-

demosthenes said...

well done!