Friday, February 2, 2007


First this is easily the grossest thing I've drawn since the eighth grade (when I read Fangoria regularly). I don't mean that I usually draw pink chibi stuff all the time, but this is pretty gross. Last weekend Andre Zero and I were talking about comics as usual and I lamented that there are no longer any horror anthology comics like EC stuff anymore. I don't really like blood and guts for their own sake, but I just really love those old comics.

For some reason, I'm skittish about putting this up on IF. I'm not sure why, except that I don't really see a many people inspired by Berni Wrightson, you might say. But, then, not many people seem to be looking at my stuff enough to leave comments anyway.

So, here's my take on an old horror comic in all its grossness*. Let's see what happens...

*I couldn't bring myself to have tears on his face. I thought it would be a bit much.


demosthenes said...

actually, i like your take on the horror comic very much. especially the use of the halftone effect, and i think your style fits the genre better. aslo, berni wrightson is an art god, and don't worry about the amount of comments. if you really want to see how many people are viewing your illustration get a hit counter.

Arkonbey said...

Thanks. I hope you understand that I was only hoping to touch the barest edge of Berni Wrighton's talent. I usually don't go in for trying to mimic a style, but I thought it would help me learn something. I had hoped to reference the aliens from "The Big Change" for the texture eye stalks, but, while looking through my collection, I could find not one of my Wrighton works!