Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I almost drew some 'rolling stock', but I'm not much of a railroad buff.

So, I'm pretty darn 'eco-conscious. I prefer walking or biking to driving, but, like the vegetarian who succumbs to the siren song of bacon, I like classic cars. Pretty much any car before 1975. If they could make a hybrid SUV that looks exactly like a 1970 Bronco, a '77 Scottdsale Stepside, or a Shelby Cobra, I'd sell my soul for a garage like Leno's.

Anyhoo. I was messing around with extreme (or, extremely silly) 3-point perspective and made these very, very small thumbnails:

Then I decided that I needed to work on my Adobe Illustrator skills. Both were done in about an hour each (not including sketching and scanning). They aren't perfect, but not bad for an hour each. One Shelby Cobra-ish car and one Fastback Mustang-y sort of thing. Enjoy!


Janice Ykema said...

very cool...!

Swinebread said...

I've got to get off my ass and learn Adobe Illustrator

demosthenes said...

reminds me a bit of the old Rat Fink models Big Daddy Roth did for Revell back in the 70s.

muscle cars are the coolest and i'm glad to see some car makers like Ford and VW bringing back the classic style (though slightly modernized).

great work!

Fossfor said...

nice work!

mike r baker said...

I love the extreme perspective! Very cool!