Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, I'm going to apologize for this week's offering (SEE! The boring composition! CRINGE! At the terrible perspective! SHUDDER! At the terrible humor!). I have three reasons/excuses.

1) I tore open an old sketchbook and began working on something from it that I'd been meaning to expand on for a while. This took up most of my processor time.

2) All I could think of with this (nearly crappy) topic was The Worst Movie Ever of the same name (WITNESS! The fortitude which I display in not ranting about said film!).

3) I was house-sitting for a friend all weekend and spent a marathon session with their copy of the gigantic coffee table book that has every single cartoon ever printed in the New Yorker.

So, 2+3 - the energy spent on 1 = this:

Again. My apologies.

What I'm listening to as I post: "In the Bath" by Lemon Jelly from 'Lemon Jelly KY"

Non-IF: If anybody would like to critique a comic work I did for a contest back in March, I'd super-appreciate it. This way, please.


Janice Ykema said...

funny how that language problem can apply to learning a new job as well... WEll done!

Valeriannah said...

Very funny, original, and cool!!!!

Jada said...

A little of both

steve said...

Funny, 'cause I was just thinking of some music from Speedy J's "Public Energy No. 1", which has a very sci-fi/extraterrestrial feel and crop circles on the cover art, then this came up. Anyhow, good funny stuff here! I've never heard Lemon Jelly's music but loved some of their cover art. Should probably check it out, huh?

studio lolo said...

Stop apologizing! This is terrific!

Swinebread said...

Apology accepted! :D

demosthenes said...

this made me laugh out loud! i hated this movie too.

also, yes, mad magazine just isn't as good as it used to be. it's lost the edge it had back in the 60s and 70s.

and.. you're welcome. :-)

Unknown said...

HA ! HA !! Great idea!

Richard Franklin said...

This is great Arkonby, very funny! Absolutely no appologies required!!

Also, with reference to your kind comments on my "can-art".
The tins are modern, and the contents were recently consumed. The original metal tab openers were pulled off to accommodate the characters faces. I do however remember the old pull tabs..and I hate to admit that I remember when cans were made of tin, and didn't come with an opening. You had to use a pop tin opener which produced a small triangular hole in the top of the can. The proceedure was to make one hole for drinking from, and one opposite, for the air to pass through. Oh, the inconveniences we had to bear in those days!! :-)

Keep up the great work,

Anonymous said...

How cool is THIS?!! Too funny!
Tell your apologizing alter ego to
hush and go sit in the corner. This
is wonderful. :D

xenos said...

clever AND funny concept. wish i had thought of it first.