Monday, July 7, 2008

O.T. Three update

Man, what at weekend, no?

In addition to the piles of art made, I also had a good luck/bad luck thing on Saturday. Whilst barreling down some fine East Coast singletrack, my handlebars caught a four-inch Poplar; in effect, I punched it at about 15 MPH. The impact twisted my handlebars to the left and I was shot to the right towards the edge of the trail. I managed to recover and braked to a stop, l leery of removing my glove. The top of my hand hurt and I had torn skin on my knuckle, but otherwise fine. I was still a bit worried, but made it back okay.

Today, my hand aches a little and there is some stinging in places, so I made an appointment with someone who knows more about bones than me. I am hoping they'll call me a hypochondriac and kick me out of their offices telling me not to waste their time. Better safe than sorry. The very lucky bit is, even if something is wrong, it's my non-drawing hand!

Oh, and my bike was fine.

Anyway. Obscure Tales Three is updated. Yay!

Listening to while posting: "It's Too Hot" by The Specials


Becca said...

Holy cow I hope nothing is broken!

On another note I was looking around your site for an email address and I couldn't find one. I was thinking maybe we could trade some art and I could throw in one of my comic books. Email me if you are interested :)

Hope the doctor visit goes okay!

Dean Wormer said...

I have a feeling that if you couldn't draw with your hand you'd just use your mouth or your feet instead.

Glad you're safe.

Andre Messier said...

I'm really liking how the cover of this story seemed a bit misleading. I was expecting an old school "monster-on-the-wing" type story and to see the high tech approach surprised me!

For some reason I couldn't help but think "Because he's holding a thermal detonator!" when she pulled out the device...

ladybug said...

LOVE the update-it's getting exciting~!

Sorry to hear about your crack up (well figuratively, that is!)...let us know what the doc says!

Thomas Fummo said...

The girl's anatomy looks a bit weird in the large panel in the penultimate page.
And I couldn't help noticing, looking through the previous pages, how the guy and the mistery girl's face look basically the same.

But apart from that, the use of the 'mmm' onomatopea is fantastic and I like how you captured her movement as she backflips off the roof of the car in the last panel.

Arkonbey said...

the guy and the mistery[sic] girl's face look basically the same

Yeah. A bit. It's one of the things I'm working on to beat. Scott McCloud talks about that. The problem is, I only have one face to do expressions in the mirror with. I did try hard to base the guy on a friend from high school, but it's a challenge.

The anatomy in the crouch is okay, but needs work. The only model I had was myself and digicam, so adding curves and other soft bits was all extrapolation.

Rol said...

Hey - I enjoyed reading your comics. I'll check back later for the updates on #3.

Rebecca said...

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