Friday, January 7, 2011

The Big Picutre

So, in my last post I posted a pic of a spaceliner I created, inspired by Jake Parker's Missile Mouse. I mentioned Jake's fantastic cutaways and wasn't sure I could make one. However, last night I had a cup of coffee after dinner (rare occasion) and, since coffee is a creativity fuel, I made one (click to enlarge):

The image is pretty big, but so was the original drawing (almost 11 x 14). The hardest part was reconciling the interior with the pre-designed exterior (the Millennium Falcon Problem). It went pretty well, with only a slight reduction in passenger capacity. I did have to add transferrable water ballast tanks under the passenger compartment to allow for weight and balance. This wouldn't matter if it was a space-only craft, but I wanted it to be atmospheric as well.

So, my first cutaway is, I believe, a success. I'm pretty darn happy with it, actually. What do you think?

Listening to "Zina-Maria" by Gogol Bordello


Unknown said...

Nice work! Fun wasn't it? I'm a sucker for cutaways. I like the little details, like the beds for crew members and the lounge area.

Omelas said...
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Don Snabulus said...

Count me impressed. Now we just need Richard Branson to build it for us.

Arkonbey said...

@Jake; thanks! They are fun. In fact I've had to force myself not to make a bunch more as it was taking away from the figure practices I've mandated for myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

@Snab: I think it may be Richard Branson IV who gets this one built. I did think of doing it as a Virgin Galactic ship, but stuck with the TTA book's "Proxima Line"