Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Things

1) Second attempt at sexy. With some feedback from pinup artist Becca and some others (including my dad. Weird), I got back to work. This one is closer. Not there, but closer. I seem to have forgotten to use one piece of feedback that Becca gave me: exaggerated features often make a character look more natural. Looking now, the piece would definitely benefit from a little exaggeration. The poses and composition, however, I feel are a bit better. Sweet Enemy says when I finally get a drawing I'm finally happy with, she'll go all James Jean on it. That should be sweet. Here it is:

2) I spent the morning at my local independent bookstore (LIBS) with an double Americano and sketched out some potential covers/pinups of the stars of Interrogation 101. Anyone got a favorite? If not, I'll probably do them all for the inking practice.

3) Serendipity. This has nothing to do with art, but I thought it was neat enough to mention. Last Wed. I was heading back from my LIBS coffee morning. At a certain point on the way home, I had to stop for a bit because a wide load truck was negotiating a sharp corner. The truck was carrying some massive wind turbine blades! They were huge and all sci-fi-looking.

Yesterday, I was heading home from my LIBS coffee morning and at the same point in the road at around the same time, guess what? Yup. Another wide load truck transporting wind turbine blades! Freaky, no? Good thing I don't believe in coincidence. I guess that Wednesday around 11 AM is Wind Turbine Blade Truck Time in Jericho, Vermont!

Listening to while posting: "Shadows" by Au Revoir Simone


Don Snabulus said...

1. Yep...much sexier. I was all busy-like but you implemented most or all of what I would have suggested and more. On the human, I thought you needed lips...check. More pronounced torso...check. Taller face...check. Changing her pose and having a hand on the mane of the critteroid were both great. The critteroids are better with more fur and the softer expression. The human could probably use a little central cleavage line to complete the effect.

2. I like the first pic the best followed by the 3rd.

3. They need to cover Martha's vineyards and we can harness the sound made by the NIMBYs for more energy.

Don Snabulus said...

Oops, "They need to cover Martha's vineyards with turbines."