Monday, February 26, 2007


Ah, this was a bit of a tough one. Very open, but narrow at the same time. I love it. I had three sketches and this was the best idea.

While it does not depict an actual moment in the lives of Sweet Enemy (my fiance) and I, it sort of boils things down to our romance in art school. I'd been... let's say, in a long dry spell before we met and we'd become good friends before we started romancing. I was deathly afraid of mistaking her signals and screwing everything up. It took her giving me a series of pretty much unmistakable signals before I realized what was going on. Lucky, lucky man.

I hand-lettered this, still mastering lettering. Trying to remember to draw the letters and not to write. Also, trying to get the hang of the Alvin Lettering Template. Very tempermental device. I drew us as a bit more (intentionally) cartoony than my usual work. In my head, it looked like Bannister's work in Flight 3 ("So Far, So Close"). It doesn't quite live up to that fine work. So, buy Flight 3, it'll be worth it. Heck, buy all three and wait for number four!

Here you go, Communication:


Linda said...

thats reallyn sweet, wonderful expressions!

studio lolo said...

I swear that's my husband's and my story! Nice job :)