Wednesday, May 2, 2007


So. I actually had the initial sketch of this done by 1700 EST on Friday. Then it sat as I wracked my brain in an attempt to make the sketch something good. It simply refused to be expanded beyond the sketch, no matter how hard Sweet Enemy scolded me that it should be. But, I have sort of persevered. This is still sketch, but with the annoyances of my Micron starting do die halfway through and the far too many attempts at the shrugging hands, I'd reached the 'fuggit' stage. So, here it is.

I am quite forgetful, but only with people's names. When I was working at a bookstore a regular walked in. She was someone with whom I'd had many great conversations, but I could not remember her name! I called the boss over behind a card rack and asked her, in a whisper, what the woman's name was. The manager replied she didn't know. As we were laughing and commiserating about how embarrassing it is to not know her name and how it was too late to ask her, a smiling face popped around the corner of the card rack. "My name's Such-and-Such!" she laughed, "I bet you won't forget it now!"

And I haven't. I've since left the store, but she asked a co-worker to pass on the message that she hates me. You see on my last day she stopped by and I recommended that she pick up the first book in the Bartimeaus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. She's angry because now she has to buy all three of them, darnit.


demosthenes said...

yeah, i know this feeling very well! great job

Michelle Lana said...

awesome drawing arkonbey! Hehe...thanks for the comment. I actually did the comic thing purposely...was going to angle it differently so sgt rock is in the front..but, just decided to leave it on the back.. :) Love your drawing!

mike r baker said...

Been there.

Great comic/drawing!

Thanks for your in-depth comment on my Cap illo. I appreciate it a lot!

Matt Jackson said...

Top strip...I love the "not again" and the expression on the forgetful offender. Not actually dialoguing the phrase gets big points from me too.

Thanks for the tips on the colour vs. Ink of my art.
I'm going to have a crack at desaturating the colours right back so that the stark shaddows still pop like the inks but the mood is still there in the colours.
'til next week!

Sycla said...

Heheh...Same thing happens to me, too. Only it's the cat that points these things out for me.

Nice work!